Design-Build Services

Remodelers don’t sell a commodity; we sell a service.

There are many variables to a remodeling project and as a result pricing is done on a case by case basis. Remodeling is a process that requires stringent project management. To be successful in remodeling, we must manage the process as well as the project. The design-build concept is the most efficient way to control both elements.

Steps of Design-Build

Step 1

The first step in the remodeling process is to identify what your goals and priorities are for the overall project.  Once the scope of work, budget and schedule are established, we then move to the design phase.

Step 2

During the design phase, we construct the floor plan and elevation drawings based on your input.  Once you approve the design, we move on to engineering, if it applies to your project. 

Step 3

In the Florida Panhandle, engineering and accompanying drawings are required anytime the exterior, structural shell of your home is affected.  Also, if any load-bearing walls are being removed or manipulated, engineering will also be required.  If you’re doing an addition, a current property boundary survey will be required to ensure that your addition’s footprint will fit within the property setbacks.  As more decisions are made and product selections happen we will review your initial budget. 

Step 4

The final planning step is acquiring permits from your city or county.  Once all permits are in place, construction begins.

Step 5

Communication is critical at this point.  Our mission is to provide real-time updates continually during this process to ensure you are kept in the loop on all developments.

What is the Advantage of the design-build process?

  • There is only a single contract between the homeowner and the design-build team.
  • The design-build team performs all functions such as on-site measurements, engineering for structural modifications and preparing drawings of existing conditions. 
  • Other functions we may perform are assisting you with preparation and analysis of proposed needs and goals, producing design sketches to help communicate the proposed design, helping to direct you in all material and product selections, building plans and final job costs. Rolling all these processes into one streamlined production improves communication, lowers cost, and ultimately limits risks on behalf of the owner, since all liability is handled by the remodeling contractor.

Finding the right remodeler is very important to the success of your project.
Your home is too important to trust it to just anyone.

Your remodeler needs to listen and understand your needs, respect your lifestyle and have a good personality, along with a good reputation.

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